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Refugee Accommodation Alongside Leverkusen School


Refugee Accommodation

We – students of all ages, supported by amazing teachers – started the project team “Freiherr-in-action” in 2014, as soon as we knew that a refugee accommodation was going to be built next to our school. Our first goal was to make the refugees’ arrival a little easier by collecting donations, what developed from this was weekly football training and we even competed in a football tournament together.
Over time, we built friendships and are now focusing on raising awareness of racism and discrimination at our school.
In the last year, we visited talk shows, went to a concert, produced a short movie and we are planning to go on a short trip together. Such projects are to make our school an even more friendly, tolerant and open-minded environment, besides the fact that they are always exciting to accomplish as the team that we have become.

Sarah T.

Freiherr vom Stein

Freiherr vom Stein Gymnasium, Leverkusen

Students’ Government
The students’ government of our school is responsible for two major aspects of the school:
On the one hand, these elected pupils are the representatives of all students and therefore have to ensure their well being. To do so they, for example, stand up for their classmates when it comes to problems and are part of important decisions concerning internal school politics.
On the other hand, they organise events for the other students such as parties for the years five to seven, soccer and basketball competitions as well as movie nights.

Josefine P.

The Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium lies in the Leverkusen district of Schlebusch


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