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Halloween in Germany

Pumpkin from Jealotts Hill

Halloween isn’t as famous in Germany as it is in many other countries around the world. However, most families decorate their houses with carved pumpkins placed in front of their windows or front doors.

To hollow out the pumpkins is for all members of the family much fun, because the children can decide how their pumpkin should be carved.

Furthermore, the children in primary schools do handicrafts like big spiders, pumpkins or ghosts, in order to decorate their classrooms.

On 31st October only some children knock on neighbour’s doors in order to ask for sweets or cakes.

More popular is a holiday a few weeks later, called St. Martin, where a majority of people walk through the streets with hand lanterns, singing songs about the lantern or the holy St. Martin.

by Vanessa Muth



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  1. Chris Davison says:

    This is interesting Vanessa. Thank you for your story.