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Starting School in Bracknell

BuildingSt. Michael’s Report

At St. Michael’s Easthampstead Primary School, new pupils are starting in the Cats class in the hope of becoming successful individuals when they grow up.


In the Cats class some of the new children, many of them only 4 years old, are very shy and frightened but some are excited and friendly straight away. Now they are at school they are so adventurous, finding out new information and playing fun educational games.


In the Cats class the teacher is Mrs Kinsey and they really enjoy having her as a teacher! Mrs Kinsey reads them fun and interesting stories with interesting subjects and spellings.



In the playground, children like to play fun games which are fantastic. None of the children in Cats class are worried about anything and they are very positive towards the school.


Lots of the Cats class have packed lunches but some have our yummy hot school dinners which are filled with nutrients and vitamins. They all enjoy the school meals very much. After their meals they go outside to play. They feel very safe and happy playing around with the other children in different classes. None of the Cats class feels worried about the way the other children treat them; in fact they feel like the older children when they look after them. Some of the Cats class have older brothers or sisters who are happy to let them participate in their games.


Mrs Kinsey

At the end of the day the Cats line up at their class door and wait for their parents or guardians to pick them up. Many are excited for the next day and to see what exciting and new things they will learn.

Our infant classes are Kittens (Reception) Cats (Reception/ Y1) Tigers (Y1/Y2) and Lions (Y2).


By Wande & Sophie (y6)

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