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GGS Im Steinfeld

Hello, we are the children of the community primary school ‘GGS In Steinfeld’ in Leverkusen and this is our first article. We now want to tell you a little of our school, so that you can get to know it a little. You need to know that our school used to be a fire station. We have two school play-grounds, one large and one small. We have a library in the building and a gym. Last week we had the first snow of the year. We have only female teachers. We can choose to use some afternoons for organised, after-school activities. Each playground has a climbing frame. We celebrate: St. Martins’ day, Carnival and Easter.

Next to our school is a kindergarten. We will soon celebrate Carnival. You can dress-up as anything, such as a joker, hamburgers, superman, spiderman, batman, the devil or a vampire. We are really looking forward to it.

Till later!