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Leverkusen trip July 2012


We left at 6am on a Sunday morning; everyone was excited and nervous as well. Sadly one of our girls couldn’t make it as her passport hadn’t arrived on time.

Thanks to Darren and Marion we arrived at Heathrow with loads of time to spare.

All 10 girls all in pink tops (couldn’t lose them even if we tried), lined up to book in. Waited ages but once through passport control (girls were all who they said they were); we gave the girls some time to look around the airport as for some it was a first time.

The plane had 60 empty seats so girls spread out and most had window seats. Landed in Germany about an hour later.

Angelica was there to meet us all in a coach that took us straight to the Lindenhof house where we would stay till Wednesday.

During our stay we did some sight seeing round Leverkusen, lots of shopping The girls went swimming with a couple of the girls who had joined us. They were two of the sweetest girls, a lot younger than ours but they took on the job like a couple of very well trained youth workers. The youngest one who was 12 was even counting them on and off buses and trains – made us all chuckle.

Site seeing in Koeln was wonderful it is a very beautiful place and the bridge with all the padlocks placed by people in love made the girls wonder where they could start it off in Bracknell. (The iron bridge in Great Hollands was one of the places named.)

I think I speak for all when I say the water skiing was a massive hit, the sun shone all day, all the girls learnt a new skill either how to water ski or how to body board.( I think they all learnt how to fall off and not swallow to much water). We had a BBQ of German sausage (Thankfully to Judy we got it earlier than midnight). One youth worker learnt to say no to anything spicy that looks like a sausage. (Very hot)

The girls were all fantastic with no problems, they worked hard before the event to make sure they new each other well. Our last two editions to the group from Youth Council were great they fitted in with all the others without any problems.

All the girls were a credit to Bracknell and have made sure that the long lasting relationship with Leverkusen can carry on.

It would be great if we can arrange for them to come over to us, although they didn’t have many young people during our time (They were all on holidays)  they are sure they could put together a group to come over to visit us here in Bracknell.

There will be a presentation by the girls in September invites to follow. All the girls have achieved a Asdan award for the trip……




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