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Refugees at Käthe Kollwitz School Leverkusen

Refugees at Käthe-Kollwitz-School Leverkusen

In this article I will tell you something about the refugees‘ situation at Käthe-Kollwitz-School in Leverkusen.

At my comprehensive school in Leverkusen, we have an international class, where young refugees learn German. This project is supported by the school management and other teachers. One of them is Mr Mosner, who ist he class teacher of these 17 students. The students are between 13 and 16 years old and come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Bosnia and Macedonia. The main business of the students is the German language. By the way the students learn English or drama, too. Mr. Mosner himself says that he gets along well with his students.

He mainly uses
1.visual means, for example pictures, facial expression, gestures.
2. auditory means, for example he says: „whisper“ in a quiet language.
3. verbal means, for example he translates the word and a refugee who understands it translates it for the other students into their mother tongue.

He also says that the students need to care for their future. So he says that the students must learn German so that they can communicate in everyday life and can be transferred fast to a regular class.
In his opinion one problem is that some students have to repeat a class because they have not enough German knowledge to get a regular graduation at this school.
He also says that the other, „regular“ students are nice to the refugees.

I personally noticed that Mr. Mosner loves it to work with refugees and kids. I think that he needs a lot of patience in this task. I have big respect for his engagement. We should also not forget the other teachers behind Mr. Mosner. Because one person alone can´t do this task alone.

Paul-Leander Schmidt, 9H, Käthe-Kollwitz School Leverkusen

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