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My work experience at South Hill Park


South Hill Park, Bracknell


My name is Nadine, I am 14 years old and go to Landrat-Lucas-Gymnasium in Leverkusen. In 9th form, every pupil has to do 2-week work experience. Since I wanted to do my work experience abroad and am very interested in various fields of arts, I was very happy to get the placement at South Hill Park. South Hill Park is a cultural centre and is located in a very nice, big park. There are lots of interesting offers such as workshops, classes, a cinema, a theatre or other events. You can even rent rooms for events.

I started at 10 a.m. every day and spent most of my time with the people of the set who were all really nice. In total, I worked for eight projects and painted e.g. sceneries or prepared a room for a birthday party. I got along very well with my colleagues and learned a lot about how much work needs to be put into a theatre play.

I really enjoyed my work experience very much and at the end I had the chance to watch the play “One Man, Two Guvnors”  which was really funny!

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