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Sandy Lane Primary School Links with Leverkusen?


We are a large three form entry Primary school with 656 pupils, located in the centre of Bracknell. In 2002, Sandy Lane Nursery, Infant School and Junior School amalgamated to become Sandy Lane Primary School. We have a wonderful team of staff, governors and pupils who help make Sandy Lane a great place to learn. We are also lucky to have lots of space, playgrounds and green fields to play on!

Sandy Lane Lion

Our logo is a lion and our motto is PRIDE:

Positive Respect Independent Determined Enquiry

We are very successful in sport and are lucky to have a specialist PE teacher, Mr. Medford. We offer all sorts of clubs including a brilliant choir led by our Assistant Head Teacher, Miss. Einchcomb. We have a Junior Leadership Team (JLT), who work closely with our Head Teacher, Miss Jackson.


At the start of this new academic year 2015-2016, we made a few changes to our Foreign Languages Curriculum. Last year the government made the learning of foreign languages at Key Stage 2 statutory. The new programme of study states that:

‘Teaching may be of any modern or ancient foreign language and should focus on enabling pupils to make substantial progress in one language.’

For many years now Sandy Lane has been ‘ahead of the game’ with French and German being taught at Key Stage 2. However, in order to adhere to the new curriculum, we made the decision that German will be taught across Years 3-6. We’re very excited about the level of language and confidence that pupils will have after 3-4 years of learning German!

Frau Marshall is a specialist Language Teacher who teaches German across Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11). Each class has one 45-60 minute lesson each week for three-four half terms of the six in the academic year. We learn German through all sorts of fun language games, short films, songs and stories. We also learn about German customs and festivals across the year. Sometimes we have native speakers who visit and we have good links to our neighbouring secondary school, Garth Hill College. Last year, we welcomed a group of Year 8 students, who taught a lesson about zoo animals to our Year 5 classes.

In Year 3, pupils take it in turns to take home a ‘German Bag’, which includes a teddy and his/her identity card, a board book, recipe cards, language games, a selection of Euro-coins and a note book. Pupils share photos, experiences, new facts or words with their class each week.

Die deutsche Teddybären heißen Lars, Leonie, Florian and Katja! The teddies get to go on some very exciting adventures from bowling to Cub Scout Camps and even abroad!

In Year 4, pupils learn about food and drink. This year we are planning a German Frühstück or Kaffee Kuchen. They will perform café role-plays, design menus and table mats and also serve each other, including some important guests using their German language skills. At Christmas time, Year 4s enjoyed sampling Lebkuchen, Spekulatius and Stollen! Spekulatius was the clear winner!


Children at Sandy Lane really enjoy performing and sharing what they learn in German to an audience! For example, at Christmas time, Year 5 put together a performance all about Christmas in Germany. They made shoes for St. Nikolaus and wrote a letter to him. They worked out the meaning of the poem ‘Advent, Advent ein Lichtlein brennt’ and designed their own Adventskranz. Christmas vocabulary and numbers were practised by making a class Adventskalender and we learnt the song ‘Lasst uns froh und munter sein’. Some children dressed up as St. Nikolaus, Krampus and German children in their pyjamas and acted out the song, whilst the rest of the class sang in German.

In Year 6, we learn about the weather. We write, perform and film our own weather reports to the class using props and our geographical knowledge of Germany. We are becoming more confident in writing from memory, using intensifiers and using our knowledge of German grammar.

Last year, the Year 6s also learnt how to describe their families. They used bi-lingual dictionaries to find adjectives, which described their mothers or a special family member and then made some wonderful Mother’s Day sentence flowers.

Sandy Lane Primary School would love to find a school in Leverkusen to share our work with and help us in our German language learning journey!

Writing to St. Nikolaus

Das Wetter

Christmas Treats


St. Nikolaus visited with gold coins


Sandy Lane Year 3 and 4 Playground


History of St. Nikolaus






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