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A New Mayor in Leverkusen

indexkkLeverkusen has a new Mayor,

by Paul-Leander Schmidt, year 9 : Käthe-Kollwitz School

On Sunday, 13th September 2015, was the mayoral election. The polling places opened at 8am and closed at 6pm. The following candidates could be voted for: the actual mayor,  Reinhard Buchhorn, Christian Democratic Party, Uwe Richrath, Social Democratic Party,  Erhard Schoofs,  Bürgerliste, and Markus Beisicht, Pro-NRW (right wing party).

 Only 36,5 % of the electorate took part. The election result was:

The new mayor of Leverkusen is Uwe Richrath (SPD) with a majority of 51,2 per cent of the votes. The other  candidates had the following results: Reinhard Buchhorn  (CDU)  29,8 percent, Erhard Schoofs (Bürgerliste)  12.6 percent and Markus Beisicht   (pro NRW)  6.5 percent.

In a special interview with me, Uwe Richrath said  that he was really happy because he thought  that there would be a run-off ballot. After the result at 7.45pm, he went with his party friends to a restaurant and had a party there. When asked,  „What did you dream the night before the mayoral election?“, he answered that he was so firmly in sleep that he didn´t think about that.

More about Uwe Richrath: Uwe Richrath was born on 1st January 1961 in Leverkusen. He went to Käthe-Kollwitz school in Leverkusen, (where I go to school). Since 1986 he has been a retail trade businessman with three textile shops. He has one son,  Paul.  Since 2000 he has been in the SPD.



The new mayor Uwe Richrath (SPD)


Fair gesture: The former Mayor congratulates his successor.

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