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Topic Days at Kaethe Kollwitz School

Topic Days at Käthe-Kollwitz School

On some Fridays, so-called Topic Days take place at our school. So maybe I should first explain what Topic Days are.

On these days, pupils have the same subject from 8.15 to 12.45, that is 5 lessons. This means when you have Sport in the first lesson on a Friday and it’s the first Topic Day, then you will have 5 successive Sport lessons. Some of you will surely think „Oh, my God. I hate Sport, it would be the worst thing ever to have 5 Sport lessons all morning.“ But let me tell you it can be really great. To have 5 Sport lessons does not mean to play basketball the whole time or something else. All Sports teachers of my grade 11 decided to go ice-skating. In Cologne, which is 20 kilometers from Leverkusen, we have a big ice-rink and it is really great there. So it was real fun and all of us enjoyed our day in Cologne.

On the second Topic Day all pupils have 5 lessons of the subject which they would normally have in the second lesson on Fridays. My class has Education. We worked in groups and later, we presented our group work in front of the class. Each group dealt with different educational methods and it was really interesting.

When you have a double lesson of Math, then you have two successive Topic Days of Math, that means 10 Math lessons on two Fridays that follow each other. I hoped these these two weeks would be over as soon as possible. To be honest, it was not so boring and terrible as I had thought. On the first Friday we got our Math tests back. The marks were better than we had expected so my day was saved. These 5 lessons were over quite fast. But it was different in the following week. Our teacher gave us worksheets and it was really boring. All in all, it was much too much Math for one Day.

Once the 5 Topic Days are over, you return to your normal Friday timetable until it all starts again in the second semester oft he school year.

I hope all of you know now what Topic Days at my school look like. They can be boring and exhausting but the teachers can also do something in these 5 lessons that he could not do in the normal lesson because of too little time.

Klaudia Chodnicka, grade 11

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