Bracknell Forest Torch Relay

Bracknell Forest held its own torch relay in support of the London Olympics and Paralympic Games which take place in July and August.  All schools across the borough took part and the Bracknell Forest torch was run by a group of pupils from school to school.  Each school held a reception for the torch as it was passed to the next group of runners.

Before the torch relay competitions were held to select the design for a Bracknell Forest mascot and torch.  Primary schools took to the challenge of designing a mascot and the best entry was selected and to the delight of the winner was made up into an actual mascot.  Secondary schools submitted and made their design for the torch.  The winning entry was a superb design which was carefully crafted into a torch.

Parents and schools were all out in force celebrating the arrival and safe dispatch of the torch.  Events culminated at the Bracknell Forest Leisure Centre where the torch bearers took part in a range of games and fun activities led by our young sports ambassadors.

Running with the Torch
writes Yasmine

On 22nd and 23rd May 2012, all of the schools in Bracknell took part in an Olympic torch relay to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Starting off the relay was Whitegrove school. Finally, the torch was passed to us (St Michael’s Easthampstead school) by Wildridings. Then our runners – Lewis, Emma, Daniella and Yasmine – started to run with the torch.
First we ran round our school playground which was lined with the whole school cheering. Then we made our way slowly to Fox Hill school. When we arrived, we passed the torch to their runners. Next, we made our way to the Sports Centre where we participated in lots of fun games with other schools. These were organised by the young ambassadors from all the secondary schools.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the children and adults who made that amazing day happen.