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Welcome to Leverkusen

LeverkusenLeverkusen on the River Rhine is a large and multi-faceted city. Its roughly 161,000 citizens are spread out over urban areas as well as idyllic rural ones. Village charisma and the vibrant city life are often just a stone’s throw apart. Sometimes they are even directly adjacent.

Leverkusen became famous as the industrial town where globally renowned company Bayer AG is headquartered. It offers much more, however: It is a city with many relaxation offers, lots of greenery

in particular at the outskirts of the Bergisches Land and with the romantic banks of the River Rhine in the North.

Leverkusen is known as a city of sports far beyond its borders. The soccer players of the national league club “Bayer 04 Leverkusen“ are one of the top national league teams and have often been highly successful in Europe. The BayArena is and remains one of the most beautiful soccer stadiums in Europe.

With this special mix of well-structured urban offers, Leverkusen was able to hold its own well between the much older cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf with their much longer history.

Leverkusen was founded in 1930 when the villages of Schlebusch, Steinbüchel, Rheindorf and Wiesdorf were combined under this name. The new town‘s name is symbolic for its history:

Pharmacist Carl Leverkus built his ultramarine dye factories here starting in 1860, thereby laying the foundation stone for the later Bayer factory and thus also for town development. Before the time

of industrialisation, the area on which Leverkusen is located today had only small villages with farmers, cattle breeders and fishers. Once the factory opened, many workers from other German regions came flocking to the Rhine. Since the area had no infrastructure, it had to be built quickly. A settlement grew around the factory and influenced the surrounding villages. Workers would go shopping in the villages, which would soon also send men and women to work in the new factory. The relationships that developed at the time were made of- ficial when Leverkusen was given town status. With the community restructuring of 1975, the town was expanded around the Rhine, the former country town Opladen and into the Bergisches Land.

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