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Leverkusen Bracknell Youth Exchange October 2013

At Monday morning the 21 October we started our journey to Bracknell the twin city of Leverkusen. Twelve boys and girls and two youth workers started their way to the ferry in Calais. After some traffic jams we hit the ferry in the last second and we all were very happy to get in time to Bracknell.

After 10 hours driving we finally reached our accommodation at 05:00 p.m. We had a great welcome from our English hosts with an original English Tea Time.

The next day we did some great activities at our accommodation. Together with the English youngsters we proofed our archery and climbing skills. After the Lunch we did caving a very special activity witch no one of us did before. We tried our best in climbing through the artificial caves. The cave was full of spiders so we had big fun in scaring Julia, one of our youth workers.

In the evening we did a big campfire and we get teached from the English youngsters to melt marshmallows the right way. They were very delicious. But a big thunderstorm interrupted the very nice campfire evening. So we had to escape and went back to our accommodation and then we all played together some funny English and German group games.

On Wednesday we visited London all of us were very excited. Sightseeing and shopping that were our big plans for the day in the British capital.

We visited London by air and water. We did a ride on the London Eye and a riverboat trip on the river Thames. So we had a great experience from the whole city for the short time we had been there.

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In the afternoon we discovered the Oxford Street for all of us it was the shopping paradise, especially when we found out where Primark was. One girl of our group bought herself a pig onesie. It’s very funny the English youngsters are wearing them all the time. In Germany we see stuff like this only at carnival.

After our shopping trip we took a look at the Buckingham Palace and hoped to see a member of the royal family. But afterwards we found out all of them stayed in Windsor at the baptism of Prince George.

We found out that the beautiful red English phone boxes having Wi-Fi access. That was quit new for us, because in Germany we do have just a few phone boxes in public.

After that we returned to Waterloo Station to get our train back to Bracknell. After this great day in London with so many great experiences everyone was very tired and satisfied and everyone fell into their beds.

On the next day we continued our sightseeing tour in the wonderful city of Windsor. On a Bus-trip around Windsor we enjoyed the nice landscape, the castle of Windsor and the Eton College. The weather was fantastic, blue sky and sunshine.

After this we had lunch in a pub and everyone tried Fish and Chips. In the afternoon we came to see the Ice skating ring in Bracknell. English youngsters and us had much fun in testing our ice skating skills.

Directly after the ice skating adventure everyone was hungry and we had the chance to get coffee and cake at an English Youth club.

The Youth club was very nice and all of us agreed that the best was the free WI –Fi they are having.

After the dinner we met some other English youngsters. Especially our girls were very happy that many British boys came to see us. We all get along together very good and many friendships began to start this evening.

Although the Mayor of Bracknell visited us and we told them about our stay and the great Programme during the week.

After this we returned to our accommodation because on the next day we had to go back to Germany and we had to pack our luggage together.

On the next morning the goodbye was very sad for everyone. We had a great time during the week and get to know a great hospitality from the English youngsters and youth workers.

We got to know many new people and all of us are hoping that we can welcome them in 2014 in Leverkusen.


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